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Freelance Presentation Designer 

Is presentation software really not your jam?

Are you head banging your desk instead of head banging to the tune of success?

Well here we help you present like a rockstar.

Hi! I’m Charlotte and I’m a Freelance Powerpoint Designer.

Let’s rock.

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Present Like a Rockstar?

Here at Charlotte McBride Design, we understand the power and value of storytelling, especially through the medium of presentation.

With years of graphic design experience with additional experience in branding and advertising including participation in the National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC), you can feel comfortable leaving your deck in our hands because we know what it takes to make a pitch worthy of a rockstar (which you are).

How to work with me

EVENT Design support

Project Minimum: $15,000

  • 100 hours at $150/hour. This rate and time amount includes meetings, rush turnarounds, weekend work, and all needs leading up to your event dates.


Contact me about my event presentation rates!
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Garage Band | $1250

Up to 15 slides

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Headliner | $3500

Up to 40 slides

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Opening Act | $2150

Up to 25 slides

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ROCKSTAR | $5250

Up to 60 slides

All packages include custom embedded fonts, colors, animations upon request and unlimited revisions*.

*Number of actual revisions subject to  the discretion of Charlotte McBride Design

How Does It Work?

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First, we have a conversation through the medium of your choice. We’ll discuss your brand, brand image, goals, and any other relevant information.

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You send me your content and I’ll develop 3-5 establishing slides that I’ll send to you to make sure that we’re on the same page creatively.

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Based on your feedback from Step 2, I’ll finish out the entire deck. After that, I’ll keep editing the deck until you are satisfied

“Charlotte was an absolute dream to work with, not only helping us define the look and feel of our brand but also executing the design of very complicated slides in a beautiful and elegant way. I would recommend her to any business looking to improve their branding and presentation design!"

Sarah Kuranda

VP of Marketing, NightDragon

Who I've worked with

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